This is the most unfamiliar sign we see everyday when we cross the street. I bet you don’t even know where it is found. This sign is place beside the traffic safety paddles.

Anyways, what’s with this sign? It says “Wait”.

Wait for your turn before you cross the street…

Wait for the cars to pass…

Wait for the perfect time…

“to go to your next destination”.

You see this 4 letter word is the most taken for granted command, yet plays a very important role in our lives. Why? Because it prompts us to our next destination. It’s our signal. It’s our procter. It says when — the perfect time — to do it. It says “pause” until your next turn.

Waiting protects you from danger. For the context of crossing the street, when you don’t wait for the “go” signal, you will have great chance of being fined for jaywalking and worse, death for being run over by a vehicle.

As for our lives, “waiting” can help us make the right decisions. The act of waiting can help you explore other options. For sure, when you wait, it will lead you to the right thing.

So next time you hear this word, pause for a moment, wait ’til you get your turn or else face a danger.



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The hometown of anyone else whose feet likes to walk.

The hometown of wanderers.

The hometown of soul searchers.

The hometown of green lovers.

The hometown of escape.

The hometown of orphans.

My Hometown.


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This is one of the most visited places in my hometown. Its name is Burnham Park.
It is the only man-made lake you can see at the city. A good place to relax, reflect and enjoy the simply joys of life.

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I find serenity in walking at buildings through stairs. I feel like I’m getting closer to the skies when I reach the top most place. I feel care-free. I feel the relief from the aching legs.

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Trees without fruits but filled with greens and strength.

It soars high and play with the winds and the storms. It says “hi” when the sunshine rise.

It feels. It never ages. It continues until its day comes.

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The empty coals from last night’s joy and celebration. A perfect sign of a future that has begun. It witnessed how we welcomed the new beginning and death of yesterday. It waits until it happens again.

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The Filipinos and Air Condition

I noticed that Filipinos always want to stay at the mall during their off-hours. And one of the many reasons include the lack of aircondition at home.

No wonder how hip Malls are in my country. No wonder why capitalists engage so much time investing to malls, restaurants and entertainment.
Every place you go, there will always be a mall , a community mall, grocery store. All for one reason, convenience.
I wonder why people are attracted to things outside when they can just sit and relax and sleep inside their homes. Not even our relational culture can address that.  No matter how tight our family culture are, we can’t help but go outside. We seek for convenience. We seek for something not inside our homes. We seek and stay outside no matter what. Either it costs your time, you sleep or your rest. We do it all for one thing – convenience.
We can’t take the heat inside our houses. Even provincial houses are not enough to make you feel cool. We would always choose to find refreshment. And the easy place to go is the mall.
How can you not resist it? Every need and want is provided. In that case, hands down to its one-stop shop offer of convenience. We want it. We need it. We allowed them to dictate our needs.
But what really are needs and sufficiencies are, they are found within the corners of our houses. Corners waiting for development. Corners waiting to be maximized. Instead of looking out, it stares like a dog waiting to be used.
And I think, what if my country is cooler like Japan or Italy, will there be malls like mushrooms all around?
I wonder if my countrymen can afford aircondition, will they be desperate to go outside?
Or if my nation sees its potential, will it still escape to a place of convenience?
What if?

Extra Mile

Extra Mile.

I once heard these two words from my former boss. He’s talking about putting these words in action at work. What does he mean by this?

He means…

-Working beyond your limits.

– Working beyond your comfort zone.

– Giving more of you.

Now I get him. I have understood his point by reminding us to surpass our own selves. We can never be the same again as yesterday is. And it’s a choice whether we want to stay the same or move beyond– Extra Mile.

He’s correct.  Everything else is upgrading,  from mobiles, laptops, system and lifestyle. Companies keep on raising its standard. It continues to surpass its previous product. Let’s take for instance Iphone. How many I phone products have been launched in a year? These manufacturers are taking the extra mile everyday to go beyond.

So what does it have to do with us? Well, like what my boss says, going the extra mile is all about overcoming your own self expectations. It was never about the performance or gaining mor company profit. It is all about you. It is all about you overcoming your fear of doing beyond your comfort zone. It’s all about you getting better. Its all about you gaining more confidence as you age. Its all about you overcoming the doubts and struggles in your way.

It only makes us realize that we have a great potential to share with the world by going the extra mile. When was the last time you went the extra mile?

There you lie before me

By the clouds you soar

And landed to something

You left me without a word

How unfortunate . 

The Not-so-Smart Phone

What makes this generation different?
-Smart Phone

I know you agree with me on this subject matter. You see, this is the greatest invention that changed the course of our lives. And true enough it transformed its status over the years and became a major commodity of this lifetime.

Smart Phone. It all started from that famous chinese tech giant which pioneered the ancestor of today’s smart phone. The bulky square-shaped, small-screen with little keypad gadget. That little thing with an enormous power to send a message and call a person directly anytime and anywhere.

From that day, the little phone evolved to a much larger screen without keypads. And its now powered by “touch”. Now, every command can be done with a light tap from fingers. Well for some smart phones, a light “touch” can do but for  some it needed a “press”.

Today and yesterday’s versions of mobile phone have one thing in common. It both modified and continually transforms our  lifestyle. Your needs and wants also evolved together with it. You may not clearly notice it, but every physical revision and software update is related to you.

Nowadays, its very rare to see someone without it. Everyone owns a smart phone. Each is personalized based on a person’s needs and wants and means of living. If you earn enough, you can have the “best” in the market. There are also smart phones that suit your budget. But if you have less and still wants the “best” then you can settle with installment plans from telecom companies.

From functions like call and text, today’s phones can be a miniature version of TV, newspaper, health tracker, map,camera, and radio and computer. And unlike other gadgets, this amazing tool  can do several tasks at the same time. The very reason why everyone can’t get enough of this device.

Comes with this smart phone are the “not-so-smart” habits we developed. Listed below are the most common:

(1) Anti-social

From its words alone we get its meaning. Believe it or not, smart phones create a new world for us, a very isolated place where the only person is you and your mobile. Consider this example, when was the last time you ate dinner without your phone? When was the last time you talked with friends without your mobile?

The sad reality that affects  relationships with people around you. Instead of talking with them, you choose to be with your mobile. The value of respect and interpersonal communication starts to vanish away.

(2) Unwise spending

Have you ever thought of associating smart with the status of your life? If yes, then you have an issue about that. And one of the few entities that imposed that “status” to us is Media. You heard it right, the M-E-D-I-A. Media dictated us who and what we need to be.

One of them is the status of belongingness and wealth. And most of the time, media associates these things with the “top” brands of smart phones. So what do the common people do?  People purchase a smart phone with a price beyond their means in order to be “in”. To be “in” – to be admired, to be considered unique, to be part of the latest trend. People love to be in the limelight and part of it is this. You and I can’t get enough of it. In the next couple of months, a new model will come out, and again we will buy a new one. We will replace the current smart phone we have because it’s outdated already.

The things I mentioned above are just based on why I observed to people. Indeed, smart phones have redefined our way of living. It can make things easier for us but it always comes with a price. The choice is yours. Whether you want it  to control your life or not.

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